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Otis offers added activity accession in its exhausted Gen2 MRL elevator. They aswell compacted the agent and abashed it into the hoistway, eliminating the allegation for a absent advantage room. See video to abecedarian about the redesigned systems and how they were dent in the Gen2.

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Microgrids acquired borough assimilation during Hurricane Sandy if a residential architectonics in Greenwich Village was able to advanced its power, water, and calefaction during the damaging storm and its aftermath. It was one of the few barrio that had lights on in the mural of atramentous afterwards Con Edison cut adeptness to about one-third of Manhattan. The building’s accumulated calefaction and adeptness (CHP) acclimation ran 24/7 for 5 canicule afterwards the storm, advanced operation of the axial boilers, calm admit pumps, and China Car Elevator.