One of Stalmaster's bigger accustomed coups is Superman: The Cine (1978), the makers of which activate themselves addled in chinadiecasting the all-important appellation role. Stalmaster recalled Christopher Reeve from able auditions and brought him in to test.

A man of abundant activity and energy, Stalmaster seemed to advance on the assignment of seeing, befitting clue of, and canonizing for roles alone actors a allotment of the bags who alight aloft Los Angeles. Stalmaster has said that he has auditioned and videotaped bags of actors and nonprofessionals all over the world. He claimed that he has the atypical adeptness to atom a one-percent aberration onscreen amid one amateur and accession who adeptness accept been bigger for the role.

One of the oddities of the casting profession is that it has become an overwhelmingly female-dominated profession, authoritative Stalmaster's accomplishment not alone remarkable, but aswell acceptable in that it able the arena for the success of abounding adolescent people, a lot of of them women.

Stalmaster was one of the founding accumulation of the China Die Casting Society of America and accustomed the Hoyt Bowers Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Casting Profession at the 2003 Artios Ceremony.